Monthly Mission: Go on a Solo Date

When was the last time you went on a date with yourself? 

I’m not talking about going to the grocery store alone or taking an uninterrupted shower. These things are nice, but they do little to build a relationship with yourself. 

Whether you have a partner, are single, or have a gaggle of children to take care of, you have to make a conscious effort to maintain your personal identity. It can be so easy to lose who you are to outside influences–to become defined by who or what you’re surrounded by rather than who you actually are. The only way to combat this is to carve time out for you… Time to do what you truly want to do, and not what other people need of you.

Here are some quick ideas to get you started:

  • Have a movie night by yourself where you watch everything you want to watch, and eat special snacks.
  • Go sit in a cafe with your favorite latte and that magazine you’ve been meaning to read.
  • Take a community class-bonus if it is weekly (My co-worker is taking tap dancing just to get a break from her three children).
  • Buy yourself some flowers. Why not throw in a box of chocolates?
  • Think about a hobby you’ve been wanting to try…now go do it.
  • If you absolutely have to run an errand, do it on your own terms. Go to the farmer’s market instead of the grocery store. Purchase gifts at a local shop in town instead of at a box store or online.
  • Take time to journal and make a list of future goals. Here’s a free template you can use to get you started:

Let me know how your mission goes in the comments or by tagging me on Instagram @Humble_Hollow.

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