Welcome to Humble Hollow

Welcome to Humble Hollow.

You may be wondering why I decided to shake things up around here. What happened to LettersFromPaigeE? 

Truthfully? It’s because I’ve changed. The content that I share will be similar to what you’ve grown used to, but it’ll be more organized and I’m hoping to post more of it. Although I still value privacy and am not a huge fan of social media (which is sort of the opposite of slow-living), there’s something to be said for having a platform through which to share real life stories and wisdom with others. I’ve genuinely enjoyed all of the wonderful comments from readers on the website and on social media!

The name Humble Hollow is not only a bit punchier, but it feels more aligned with the woman I’ve grown into. Everyday I’m learning more about the things I value, and you’ll see that reflected in my posts both on here, and on other platforms (follow me on Instagram: @Humble_Hollow for more content). 

At Humble Hollow we believe in simple, happy living.

We live with openness, learn from our experiences, and take a holistic approach to creating contentment in our hearts and homes. This means, doing our best to learn and to grow in every aspect of our life, because they’re all interconnected.

Everyone is always welcome here. Just as I I said on LettersFromPaigeE:

-You are loved, you are accepted, you matter.

-You can experience peace and happiness every day.

-Each of us is on our own honorable journey.

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