Stretching Toward the Sun

Two weeks ago I purchased a basil plant and used most of it for a frittata. What remains is a limp rod with two thumbprint-sized leaves surrounded by tattered stems. Although my instincts scream that this is a failed science project at best, I cannot bring myself to throw it away. Why? Because every morning as I putter about the kitchen, I notice how those two pitiful little leaves stretch towards the sunlight streaming in through the window. They’re trying so hard to make a comeback–I don’t want to be the one to deny them this chance. Plus, they serve as a gentle reminder as to how I’d like to live my life. Like my basil plant, shouldn’t I strive for light? 

I’ve noticed that the opposite is often true. We surround ourselves with things that simply don’t feel very good. Gossip. Complaining. Bad TV. Bad habits. Toxic people. While it’s unhealthy to assume that we should be happy all the time (news flash-it’s impossible and constantly striving for it gives us anxiety), we do have some control over our wellbeing. 

For us, stretching toward the light might mean building tenacity when presented with challenges instead of wallowing. It might mean playing a board game or going out for a walk instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media or the news, or ordering a vegetable rice bowl for dinner instead of a pizza. It might mean walking out of a room when your coworkers’ conversation turns negative. Or watching a documentary on centenarians instead of sociopaths. Maybe it means finding faith, like I mentioned in my last blog post. Or getting gussied up instead of sliding on another pair of pajamas, even when you’re working from home. 

It becomes easy to dwell in darkness…comfortable even. But even my little basil plant knows that we need light to thrive.  

How can you introduce more light into your life?

2 responses to “Stretching Toward the Sun”

  1. What a great reminder to go back to our roots (heh) and look for what gives us sustenance. We’re often so preoccupied with living life, succumbing to blind routine, that we forget to do it in a better way. Thanks for this post!

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    1. Ha, roots :). Thank you for reading! You’re so right.


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