Wait…Do I Kinda Like Winter?

Something odd happened earlier this year. While I was thrilled when Spring approached because it’s one of my favorite seasons (if not THE favorite), at times I found myself missing Winter.

Like most people, I was taught to think that Winter is a bitter season; one that is simply too cold and too gray to enjoy. Every time it rolls around I hear the same complaints daily. 

“The weather is gross.”

“I hate that it gets dark out so quickly.”

“I’m bored-there’s nothing to do!”

I’ve even known some people who have learned to hate Autumn because Winter follows it.

While I would never want Winter to go on forever, I can’t help but feel oddly guilty about my growing attachment to it. It seems wrong to like anything about a season that so many others hate, and besides…what about it do I like anyway? I certainly don’t like feeling cold. And I desperately miss nature’s greenery.

After some thought, I realize that I love the coziness I experience during that season.

I love:

  • Filling the living room with flickering candles.
  • Sweaters
  • Wrapping up in warm blankets.
  • Having an excuse to stay home.
  • The beauty of snow (at least, when I’m not driving in it).
  • Hot beverages and nourishing soups.
  • Catching a break from a constant barrage of social engagements.
  • Putting on seasonal movies, music, and ambiance (like fake roaring fires)
  • Entering a warm home after taking a walk in the cold

Last year, I wrote a Letter that mentioned my desire to find joy in each season, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. Instead of dreading certain seasons, I’ve purposefully found reasons why that season is special, and focused on that. That way when they come around I don’t dread them. I simply greet them as an old friend. 

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