The Excitement of Wedding Dress Shopping (And The Letdown)

As the weekend approaches, I’m more and more excited to go wedding dress shopping. No, scratch that, I’m ecstatic. Though I wish the day were here already, I have to admit; there’s something bittersweet about this special occasion.

Like many women, I’ve been looking forward to this day my entire life, and I didn’t always think that it was going to happen. Now that it’s almost here, I’m faced with the realization that in the blink of an eye, it’ll be done. Yet another one of life’s most anticipated events will be in my past. There’s still plenty to look forward to, and this is just a stepping stone. But with all of life’s key moments, I’ll have to thank the universe that it happened, and move on.

As humans we often seek closure for important life events and rarely find it. We host parties and ceremonies and celebrations, all with the goal of affirming, “Yes, this actually happened.” More often than not, life goes on and we’re left reminiscing on what happened as though it never really did. When the life event was positive, the phrase, “pinch me I’m dreaming,” describes this sentiment. 

While it’s bittersweet for events that were once my future to become my past, I’m left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Every day I thank the universe for the blessings it has bestowed upon me; for the lessons that I’ve learned and the gift of life. I hope, my friend, that you do too.

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