A Night at the Basketball Court: Finding Workouts You Love

Summers as a kid were a lot different than they are now. Back then, I kept busy from dawn until dusk playing basketball, swimming in the pool, and practicing colorguard. Sitting still wasn’t in my nature. I didn’t read books often or watch more than an hour or so of tv at night. I liked moving so much, I’d literally exercise until I was sick, and then insist I could keep going. Nothing truly felt like exercise back then. I was just doing things that I loved, and having a wonderful time. 

Today when I turn on workout videos or convince myself to go to the gym (which is rare), it feels like a chore. What has happened to me, the girl who was once so active? I’ve become a sloth, not even wanting to get up from the couch when my back aches from sitting so long.

My problem is that I’ve begun to associate physical activity with fatigue. I worry that if I push myself too hard, I’ll run out of energy to fulfill all of my obligations as an adult, or be too sore for them or too sweaty. The bigger problem is that I’ve been forcing myself to do exercises that I don’t enjoy.

I loved playing basketball. I loved swimming. I loved colorguard, and dancing. Yet, I haven’t done any of these things lately, instead doing trendy workouts such as booty-toning and yoga. 

How could I have forgotten how much I enjoyed childhood pastimes? And what could I do about it now?

The answer? Buy a basketball. Find a park. And shoot some hoops.

So that’s exactly what my fiance and I did tonight.

I was disappointed to discover that I’m no longer a basketball star. The girl who once set a record for swishing 26 foul shots in a row during tryouts has been replaced by someone who was lucky if the ball didn’t bounce off the backboard and into the adjacent court.

But I realized two things tonight. 

One; I still love basketball. 

And two; it didn’t matter that I missed 9/10 shots. I had a ton of fun, and though I’m sore, I feel satisfied. In fact, I wish I was still at the park playing, though my body is glad to be home and resting.

Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves of  the activities we truly find fun. More than this, we have to be brave enough to do them, even when we are not good at them.

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