Why You Need To Prune Your Life

Growing up we had a plumcot tree in our backyard that never bore good fruit. Every summer I’d approach it hoping that this year would finally be the year. Upon finding the fruit shriveled and inedible I’d leave disappointed, assuming there was something wrong with the tree. 

It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized the tree wasn’t the problem; the problem was that we didn’t take care of it. We didn’t feed it or prune it or protect it from pests and disease. We expected it to produce delicious fruit without putting in the effort necessary to grow it.

In a way, we’re all like plumcot trees because we must be pruned in order to bear good fruit. 

Life sends us obstacles and opportunities so that we can grow into the best versions of ourselves. If we deny the “pruning” of life, we find ourselves unable to move forward, and we may even become sickly.

As things happen in our lives, we can choose to become miserable versions of ourselves, or we can choose to grow. The process isn’t always easy. As we are pruned by life we may find that we are too stubborn or afraid to do the very things we need to do to initiate positive change.

It is easier to go on bearing bad fruit than it is to bear good fruit. The latter takes more self reflection and more effort. It may require a major lifestyle change, reaching out for help, adjusting your personality, or spending more time helping others.

But wouldn’t you rather reap the fruits of your labor than go on experiencing the same disappointments season after season?

Just as plumcots wither when neglected, so do we. That’s why we must all embrace growth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

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